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Alpha Energy Resources Along With It’s Partners Provide Top End Mooring Solutions

  • Large, highly complex, bespoke turrets and mooring systems offering maximized reliability and production uptime
  • Custom-designed for Clients requiring the market best – often operating in harsh environments, and presenting challenging technical requirements


Mid-Complexity Mooring Solutions

  • This is a highly optimized solution and Maximizing the use of standard components.
  • Streamlined, tried and tested designs for reliable offshore performance.
  • Optimized approach to define pertinent levels of functionality and redundancy, and providing safe, reliable and cost-effective products.


Basic Mooring Solutions

  • Simple mooring systems with a basic level of functionalities.

Alpha Energy Resources and It’s Partners – THE MOORING MARKET LEADER

Extensive mooring catalogue of solutions: the industry’s greatest range and variety of mooring solutions, from Top End, to Mid-Complexity and Simple mooring systems.

Technology Innovator: delivering projects specific technology along the full mooring lifecycle.

Installation Expertise: Alpha Energy Resources and It’s Partners operates two installation vessels delivering seamless solutions for all types of offshore mooring works and subsea construction activities.

Offshore Expertise: Ensuring safe, efficient offshore operations.

Focus on field economics: focus – balancing risk and finance – to ensure clients make the most of their assets.

Advice and Expertise: leading the industry with adapted, tailored solutions to match clients’ budget and field requirements.



From the seabed to the vessel:

The Full mooring Package: From mooring analysis and design, to engineering, procurement and construction of the turret, swivels, weathervaning system, integration, riser technology, mooring lines and anchors, installation, inspection and maintenance, and change-out programs.

Unique set of skills provides industry leading expertise in: mooring analysis, mooring components, turret systems, offshore Installation operations, FPSO operations, and recognized expertise in riser system definition and steel riser detailed design.