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Oil Solutions

Maximizing production by utilizing the combination of expert knowledge on applied technologies and system engineering capabilities. We have extensive experience and offerings for upgrading old facilities.

Our oil solutions products include:

• Separators with advanced internals
• Scrubbers with advanced internals
• Vertical/ Horizontal Flow Electrostatic Dehydrator
• Electrostatic Desalter Systems
• Compact Electrostatic Coalescer (CEC®)
• Compact wellhead separators and scrubbers
• Slug catchers/ Knock out drums
• Free Water Knock Outs
• Heater treaters


Gas Processing Solutions

We facilitate optimized production performance, smoothing operations and yielding high quality gas ready for pipeline transport or further processing.

Our gas solutions products include:

• Highly-efficient compact scrubbers
• Fuel Gas Treatment
• Gas Sweetening (Amine)
• Gas Conditioning

Gas dehydration

• Gas Dehydration (MEG, DEG, TEG, Molecular Sieve)
• Compact TEG (Super Purifier)

HC dewpointing

• JT, external refrigeration. turboexpander


Produced Water Treatment

Effectively purifying produced water for any technology application including onshore/offshore, light/heavy oil and new build/upgrade projects.

Our produced water products include:

• Liquid/Liquid Hydrocyclones
• Plate Interceptors
• Gravity Separators and Skimmers
• Mare’s Tail® Coalescer
• Compact Flotation Unit (CFU)
• Vertical IGF
• Mechanical Induced Gas Flotation (MIGF)
• Hydraulic Induced Gas Flotation (HIGF)
• Nutshell Filter
• Degassers


Seawater Treatment

Effectively purifying sea water to maintain pressure support of the reservoir. We offer technology variations within processing steps in the water injection system enabling optimal solution for all projects.

Our seawater products include:

• De-oxygenation – Gas strip/vacuum
• Reverse Osmosis Desalination
• Low Salinity System (lo-sal)
• Sulphate Removal Unit (SRU)
• Media Filtration, Cartridge Filters, Ultrafiltration
• Self Cleaning Coarse Strainers


Solids Solutions

Allows our customers to produce to the maximum level without compromising reservoir performance, system integrity, environmental regulations or safety.

Our efficient and reliable products include:

• Wellhead desanding
• Online vessel desanding
• Produced water desanding
• Sand cleaning
• Multiphase desanding
• Solids/Slurry transportation
• Erosive service choke valves