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Welcome to Alpha Energy Resources, a leading supplier and provider of comprehensive subsea services. With our expertise in pipeline and umbilical installation and commitment to excellence, we offer a range of specialized solutions that meet the diverse needs of the offshore industry.

At Alpha Energy Resources, we specialize in supply of subsea rigid and flexible pipeline system. As a trusted supplier, we design, fabricate and install ancillary systems tailored to the specific requirements of our clients’ projects. Our focus on quality and reliability ensures seamless integration, allowing for the efficient transmission of production fluid, water, power, control and communication system in challenging subsea environments.

In addition to subsea equipment, supply and installation, we provide a wide range of subsea engineering and design services. Our experienced team of professionals utilizes advanced technologies and industry best practices to deliver robust solutions. From conceptual design to detailed engineering, we ensure that each subsea component is optimized for performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by offshore environments, our installation services are carried out with precision and efficiency. We handle all aspects of the installation process, from meticulous planning and project management to offshore operations and logistics. Leveraging advanced equipment and techniques, we ensure the successful deployment of subsea infrastructure, including umbilicals, risers, and pipelines.

As an industry leader, we possess a wealth of expertise in shallow and deep water installation. Our experienced team is well-versed in managing vessel operations, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and other specialized equipment. We navigate the complexities of offshore environments, including varying weather patterns and marine logistics, to ensure the safe and successful installation of subsea assets.

At Alpha Energy Resources, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality subsea solutions that meet the evolving needs of the offshore industry. Our comprehensive services, from subsea pipeline, umbilical supply and installation, we provide our clients with the confidence and reliability they need for their subsea projects.

Choose Alpha Energy Resources for your subsea needs and experience our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.



Umbilical Solutions
Alpha energy resources along with it’s partners specializes in providing comprehensive umbilical solutions for subsea projects. Their services include the design, engineering, procurement, installation, and maintenance of umbilical systems. they ensure the seamless transmission of power, control, and communication signals between offshore structures and onshore facilities.


Riser Solutions
Alpha energy resources works with it’s partners to provide tailored riser solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle of riser systems. From conceptual design and engineering to fabrication, installation, and integrity management, they ensure the efficient and safe operation of risers. Their expertise covers different types of risers, including production risers, drilling risers, and export risers.


Flex Pipeline Solutions
With extensive experience in flexible pipeline technologies, alpha energy resources along with it’s partners delivers customized solutions for the transportation of hydrocarbons, fluids, and chemicals. They provide flexible pipeline design, installation, and inspection services, ensuring reliable and cost-effective subsea flowline solutions.


Rigid Pipeline Solutions
Alpha energy resources along with it’s partners specializes in the design and installation of rigid pipelines for subsea applications. Their solutions cover a wide range of rigid pipeline systems, including steel and concrete pipelines. They have the expertise to handle complex projects, ensuring the reliable and efficient transportation of oil, gas, and other substances.


Installation Services
Alpha energy resources along with it’s partners offers comprehensive installation services for subsea infrastructure, including umbilicals, risers and rigid/flexible pipelines. Their experienced team handles all aspects of the installation process, from planning and project management to offshore operations and logistics. They leverage advanced technologies and equipment to ensure precise and efficient installation in various offshore environments.

Energizing Subsea Infrastructure