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Alpha Energy Resources Fiber Glass Systems

Alpha Energy Resources along with our partners are the leading manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) products used for onshore and offshore corrosion control in a variety of low- to high-pressure oilfield applications. Alpha Energy, with our partners, brings over 60 years of experience in the oil and gas sector with its offering of the most highly recognized and respected brands in the industry.


Line Pipe

Jointed Line pipe for oil and gas production is manufactured in sizes ranging from 1/2″ through 42″ (40 to 1050 mm) diameters and will handle pressures from 150 psi (1.0 MPa) to 3,500 psi (24.1 MPa) depending on size and temperatures up to 212°F (100°C).
The high pressure products are typically used to transport highly corrosive produced water and CO, gas from an oil field’s central station to injection wells. Additionally, line pipe is used in lower to medium pressure oil and gas flow lines where corrosive flows are encountered. The epoxy resin systems offered include aliphatic amine, aromatic amine, and anhydride curing agents and each provides slightly different chemical and temperature resistance. Fiberglass reinforcement provides the structural strength. Alpha Energy, with our partners Fiber Glass Systems line pipe is manufactured to a minimum design life of 20 years at rated temperature and pressure according to ASTM D2992 Procedure B and industry standards, such as API 15HR and 15LR.


Downhole Tubing and Casing

Alpha Energy, with our partners is the leading downhole GRE producer in the industry due to its unique proprietary fiberglass layering sequence, which provides superior tensile performance. Tubing is offered in 11⁄2″ through 9%” diameters (40 mm to 250 mm) with pressure ratings from 1,000 to 3,500 psi (6.9 to 24.1 MPa). Casing products range in size from 11⁄2″ through 9%” diameter (40 mm to 250 mm) with pressure ratings from 1,000 to 3,250 psi (6.9 to 22.4 MPa).
Alpha Energy with our partners offers GRE downhole tubing and casing products produced with three distinct curing agents that withstand temperatures up to 212°F (100°C). All products come in standard nominal joint lengths of 30 ft (9.1 m). The company’s downhole products are used in a variety of highly corrosive applications such as saltwater and CO, injection wells, for corrosion control, in observation wells for monitoring formations where steel can interfere with monitoring equipment and in producing wells where steel products corrode easily.

Alpha Energy with our partners provide well simulation analysis program developed to analyze actual well conditions so that the correct tubing products can be recommended to the customer. Often, a series of conditions will be evaluated using the worst- and best-case scenarios, thereby assuring the customer that the product will give years of trouble-free service.



Alpha Energy, with our partners’ systems, ensures commitment to quality extends throughout the company and supplier network. All products are closely monitored during production and thoroughly tested. Quality standards are strictly enforced and reinforced with production employee incentives and quality audits. Third-party inspections are a normal occurrence at Alpha Energy with our partners, Fiber Glass Systems. The API Q1 Quality Rating is a requirement for approval by API 15HR and API 15LR. The quality and performance requirements of API assure the customer that, not only do we have a quality system, but they also receive a product qualified and approved for performance standards. Our adherence to this internationally recognized quality system is another indication of our commitment to our global role as a manufacturer of the highest-quality GRE products.



Field support during the installation of the product is an integral part of ensuring the reliability and long-term, worry-free performance of your piping system. Alpha Energy, with our partners Fiber Glass Systems, offers complete training and inspection services for all products throughout the world. The availability of trained personnel at the job site leads to a more successful installation.